Wacker Neuson RTLx-SC3 Trench Roller

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Smart Remote-Controlled Operation

The Wacker Neuson RTLx-SC3 trench roller is equipped with SC3 infrared-remote control, offering proven compaction results with enhanced safety. The smart control uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control, keeping the operator away from the hazards of operating compaction equipment inside a trench or near other equipment.

Superior Compaction Results

This articulated trench roller features padfoot drums with below-the-axle exciters in each drum. This design allows for efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil, delivering superior compaction results. The RTLx-SC3 excels at compacting excavations and sub bases of foundations, roads, and parking lots.

Low Exciter Position and Maintenance Cost

The low exciter position not only improves the machine's stability but also reduces wear, resulting in lower overall maintenance costs. The permanently lubricated exciter and drive systems require no oil changes, making the RTLx-SC3 economical to run throughout its lifespan. Additionally, all other machine components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance, thanks to the wide-opening hoods.

Tip-Over Protection

The trench roller features a tip-over protection system that can be set for lockout or non-lockout modes. This feature shuts down the machine if the side-to-side operating angle exceeds 45°, allowing any necessary inspections or repairs to be performed before the machine can be restarted, thus reducing the chance for costly repairs.

Experience the efficiency and safety of the Wacker Neuson RTLx-SC3 Trench Roller at MB Hire, Williamstown today.

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